Get rewarded when you use the Good George Loyalty App

Earn 10 points for every dollar spent, then convert points to credit. You get $10 for every $100 you spend.

  • Pay with your phone
  • Earn rewards
  • VIP treatment
  • Get exclusive offers
  • Leave when you’re ready
  • Keep track of your purchases

    Download the Good George Loyalty App from your App store.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I want a Good George App?

    • Earn points every time you spend
    • Convert points to credit and use to buy food and drink
    • Pay with your phone (you can leave your credit card at home)
    • Access exclusive deals
    • Member discounts
    • Order from your table

    How do I set it up?

    Search for “Good George Brewing” in your app store and download. There are a few quick set up things to do, just like any App

    • Download app
    • Verify profile (it will prompt you via SMS
    • Enter credit card/debit card or paypal information
    • Ensure notification and location services are turned on (this allows you to get notified about new deals, get free wifi, and/or check in with facebook and earn points)
    • Download the free $10 joining credit!
    • Check out the menu top right to get familiar with the content

    ​How do I pay with the app?

    Open the app and choose “pay in store”. It will give you a number. Then just place your order as per normal and then tell us that you are ‘paying with the app’ and we will confirm your purchases (using your name, account number or profile picture). Purchases will appear in your app under ‘activity’ in the menu. 

    ​How do the points work?

    We give you 10 points for every $1 spent. For example, once you spend $100, you get 1000 points which you can turn into a $10.00 credit to use at Cook Street Social. You can also use points to redeem offers in the app.

    ​Why do I have to put my credit card details in?

    Its a bit like Uber, the App uses your credit card to pay for purchases at Cook St Social. You can use credit or debit cards, and load up to three. The App is very secure - it is approved by, and uses BNZ, as a payment gateway. You can also view our terms of service in the App for more information.

    ​Can I use the App at any Good George Bar?

    Not yet – Cook Street Social is the first bar to use the Good George App, but other venues will be added and we’ll notify you about these when they are up and running.

    ​Can I pay by cash of eftpos card?

    No, the app works with paypal, credit or debit cards only. You must pay via the app to earn points.

    ​Redeem vs claim

    Redeem is when you download an offer to your APP. Claim is when you actually USE the offer. i.e. “half price pizza” offer. You can redeem it now and use now, OR “save it for later”. When you open an offer it will tell you how long you have to claim it. i.e  “Limit one voucher per customer. This offer is valid until 30th April 2018”.  If in doubt, it’s best to download and claim the offer when you want to use it.

    ​Credit vs points

    You earn points on purchases. When you get enough points you can exchange them for a credit. This credit will then be used next time you use your App to pay. Sometimes we will offer you a product that you can buy using your points – i.e. you can redeem 2000 points for a Brewery Tour or Good George Tee.

    ​Why am I charged $1.00 on my credit/debit card?

    This is done to verify the validity of the card, it is a ‘pending payment’ so it was never actually charged and it is reversed within a day or so.

    ​Unsure if you were charged correctly?

    You can check your payments history and app activity under “my activity” section in the top left menu of the app.


    Refunds, if required, cannot be done in the APP – these will go via our Manager

    ​Credit in App

    You can build a credit balance via-Redeem credit with points-Redeem credit as a gift (i.e. our join up $10 credit) Once you have a credit balance it is visible on the Home Screen on your app and will be applied on your next transaction until the balance is zero. Credit can also expire if the credit was set up with an expiry date. If the transaction is of a greater value than your available credit balance, your attached payment method will be charged the remainder amount. This is why you must attach a payment method when redeeming credit. Reward points are not earned on payments made with voucher credit

    ​My payment is failing

    You are not connected to the internet. If you cannot see the ‘pay-in-store’ button, check your internet connection (we offer free guest wifi on site) OR There is an issue with their payment type (i.e. insufficient funds or expired card) 

    ​I can’t check in with facebook

    Customers must have linked their facebook account and approve all requested permission in their app.

    ​What is ‘order ahead”

    Order ahead – you can sit and order from your table, using the app, for products listed on the app. 

    • Choose “I’m ordering ahead” 
    • Select ‘dine-in’, and Cook St Social as the store/venue. 
    • Put in your table number.
    • Select menu items and checkout for payment, submit the order
    • Staff will bring your drink to you


    The best way for customers to ask a question is via ‘Support in the app menu, top left


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